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Capturing Joy

I'm going to get real here for a minute. 

Life's moments are precious, authentic, one-in-a-million, in-between, un-staged, raw, magical, JOYFUL, and so much more. As a wedding photographer, I am making it my mission to capture your raw, authentic, passionate, emotional, joy-filled moments so that you can cherish them forever and laugh/cry when looking at your wedding photos with your grandbabies. 

I am a believer in the in-between. I don't want to see the fabricated, staged, awkward "poses," but the tears your dad cries when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day, the scrunchy-nose smile you give your hunny when he tells a bad joke, or the soft, precious moment between you and grandma as she puts your bracelet on for you. I want to be the one there to capture, in a click, the moment that you may not realize is happening.

for the adventurous...

              and authentic...

The photos are just a byproduct of what is happening in reality. When you book with SD Photography, you are in for a fun, joyous, giggle-filled adventure. You are paying for the experience, the new friendship, and the memory of the moment that will take your breath away.

*Ask me about my bucket list locations! I am based in Minnesota and Iowa, but always ready to pack my bags and head for the mountains or forest. 


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